Phulkari is an embroidery technique that originates from Punjab in India and a favourite here at Kaur Kauture. Inspiration for the bright and vivid motifs and patterns is gathered from the surroundings of the weaver, their history, and their dreams. The patterns are a representation of a woman’s life, passed down through generations of women. Phulkari has been known as a dream weaver for Punjabi girls.

Rose Jacket

$80.00  $36.00

Dahlia Jacket

$60.00  $27.00

Ivy Dress

$60.00  $27.00

Jasmine Dress

$60.00  $27.00

Daisy Dress

$60.00  $27.00

Iris Top

$40.00  $18.00

Azalea Skirt

$50.00  $22.50