Personal Styling

Whether you realise it or not, the way you dress yourself every day is a visual representation of your personal brand.

It is a way you tell the story about yourself, how you want others to perceive you, what makes you interesting and powerful.

What story are you telling?



Working in the corporate industry, I come across so many people who want to visually represent the best version of themselves, but don’t know how to dress the part.

These women are very successful in their field but continue to hide behind safe outfits which society perceives as appropriate; these outfits are generally not what makes them feel incredible. They might be judged based on their looks rather than their capabilities. This can cause unnecessary distractions from getting the work done.

The way you dress has a psychological impact on both yourself and those around you. Not dressing to reflect the best version of yourself can make your confidence levels plumet.

Helping you to be your best is a driving factor in my life. Specifically, to help you elevate and reinvent your style and confidence.

It’s my job to help you understand that you are important, deserving, and define your personal brand and style. You will leave empowered with knowledge to make confident style choices, so you always look and feel like the best version of yourself.


Elevate your style and confidence

Get maximum wearability out of 100% of your clothes
1 hour style consultation
3 hour wardrobe edit

Reinvent your style and confidence

Define your signature style and feel empowered and inspired
1 hour style consultation
3 hour wardrobe edit
3 hour personal shopping session
1 hour post shopping wardrobe review

Event Shopping Experience

Eliminate the overwhelm and give back the precious time in your day to focus on YOU
1 hour style consultation
3 hour personal shopping session

Style Consultation

The first step towards your style journey
1 Hour style consultation